Thanks for the interest in reselling the CurrentStraw!   

We have 3 different SKUs that we currently sell wholesale. 

  • The One Straw Pack 
  • The Two Straw Pack
  • The Four Straw Packs

Wholesale purchases are available with MOQ batches of 15 units.  You can buy one SKU in batches of 15.  Or if you would like a mix and match box we can send you two or three SKUs in one box but the total needs to be a multiple
of 15.  For example, 3 Single Packs, 2 Double Packs and 10 Four Packs.



15 - 100 units = 40% Gross Margin

101 - 1,000 units = 50% Gross Margin

1,001+ units = 55% Gross Margin

Shipping to be calculated based on order size.

For an exact price quote or if you have any questions, you can:

1) Complete an Order Request Form -----> HERE
2) Send us an email to info@currentstraw.com
3) Call us at 1-877-319-0330
4) Message us by clicking the Blue Live Chat button at the bottom right of your screen