What is CurrentStraw?

When we created CurrentStraw, we wanted to help provide a permanent solution to help reduce the worlds dependency on "single-use" plastic straws. However, we also wanted to ensure that we invented something new that would provide customers with the best possible drinking experience.

To accomplish this, we had to innovate, create and develop our CurrentStraw from the ground up... including our patent pending Straw Tips!


Q: How long are your straws?
A: Our straws can be as short as 6" and can expand all the way out to 12" (for our 2, 4, and 8 packs). Our silicone tips are move-able / adjustable on the straws, so with our one curved tip, the straw goes from 6" - 10" in height, and if you add our straight tip onto the other end, it can expand to 12".
While there are a lot of straw substitutions out there, we tested them all in designing our CurrentStraw. Here is What we found out:
Q: Are the straws dishwasher safe?
A: Yes our straws and our silicone tips are dishwasher safe. However, we recommend that you use the provide brush and a simple hand-wash to clean your CurrentStraw. The brush will do a better job cleaning the inside of the straw than a dishwasher.
Q: Can the silicone tips be removed?
A: Yes! The tips can be moved, up, down, or taken off completely. The best way to clean your straw is to remove the tips altogether.
Q: Do you sell to retail stores / wholesale?
A: Yes! Send us a note and find out more by visiting our WHOLESALE PAGE
Q: I see other options like bamboo etc... why is CurrentStraw better?

Bamboo Straws: They break! The bamboo in a bamboo straw is so thin, that the slightest pressure snaps them and creates jagged bamboo splinters. Simply put, they don't last.

Paper Straws: They fall apart! Well... they are paper after-all! And even though manufacturers try and add waterproof coatings to them, they still dissolve, lose their shape and fall apart. Plus you can't chew on a paper straw without getting a mouth full of soggy paper!

Plastic Straws: If you haven't visited our "Get Informed" page on why plastic straws...suck... please check it out and Get Informed! 

Glass Straws: The shatter! Yikes! Seriously, although they are usually made with stronger glass, they still can easily shatter if hit on a table, sat on incorrectly or bent! Shards of glass in your drink... no thank you!

And that's why we settled on our CurrentStraw components
Stainless steel is nearly indestructible! And although it's rigidity is awesome, by itself, it doesn't feel great on your teeth or in your mouth! 

Silicone is an environmentally smart product and more straws are being made with it! It provides a natural texture and comfortable sipping experience for it's user (you can chew on your straw again!), but by itself, it is floppy and bends too much. 

Put them together however (stainless steel straw + silicone straw tips) and we think we discovered the PERFECT combination. Give it a try!